“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more”
– Jonas Salk

“I call Leanne whenever any of us are sick or in pain. She has shortened colds, eliminated headaches, and erased other pains as well. Please try to have an open mind and give it a try. Leanne is a professional and really works wonders!" – Jean Kintisch

“My son was suffering from first and second degree burns and wasn’t expected to leave the hospital for 5 weeks – after Leanne did healing work on him, he was released from the hospital in great condition after only 10 days.” – Gloria Lopez Pesini Dyer

"Leanne, thank you for all the good work you have provided for both my parents. I was so less troubled when they travelled knowing you were there working on them. With my parents living in England it is very easy for them to not let on about the extent of their health. I thank you for checking in on them and helping them heal. I actually just heard back from my mum this morning. She said - ...'infection gone, ankle much better - thanks to good pair of ankle boots. Daddy has had steady heart rate - no problem there now.'" -Julie

"Both of my boys were sick with mycoplasma pneumonia, they were on antibiotics, steroids and nebulizer treatments, missed over a week of school and in and out of the doctor's office. I emailed Leanne, she worked on them, and they immediately turned the corner and began to feel better. They were back at school and playing lacrosse three days later! I use Leanne all of the time and regret not thinking about emailing her when it all began - what she does is amazing!" -Andrea Voehringer